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March 2011

Data CDs    

Stephen Mould reviews this month's new data CDs for family historians...

Birmingham Kelly's Directory 1903

The details of thousands of residents, traders and merchants living in and around the Midlands city in 1903 can be easily explored in this packed directory of more than 1,000 pages, which includes lists of streets and places in the area.

S&N, £17.45,

Repton School Register 1557-1905

If any of your ancestors were taught at this famous school then this disc is for you. It includes details of the pupil's name, entrance year, father's name, birth date and career information and also features a historical introduction to the institution.

S&N, £12.45,

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire 1939 Kelly's Directory

This searchable directory offers the chance to track down your ancestors in these South-Eastern sounties on the even of the Second World War. As well as a database of tradespeople and residents, the disc also features historical details of the area.

S&N, £17.95,

Review by Amy Richards

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