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Your Family History

Your Family History

Your Family History was published by Wharncliffe Publishing Limited. It has now ceased publication.

December's New Releases

Hertfordshire, Watford 1884 History & Trade Directory, £14.95

This CD resource takes a look at the history of Watford, including descriptions of large estates and houses, the High Street, societies, companies, places of worship, and much more. The text is enriched with amusing anecdotes, and there are interesting sections that include body-snatching, murder, a notorious hotel, and a poem written by a local author. The CD also contains a trade directory, which lists company names and addresses.

Scotland, Glasgow 1908-1909 Post Office Directory, £16.95

An overview of Glasgow including a General Directory, Street Directory, Trade Directory, Suburban Directory and Telegraphic Directory. Includes institutional information, such as Religious, Charitable, Friendly, Educational, Medical, Scientific, Artistic, Literary, Musical and Political.

The Royal Kalendar and the Court and City Register 1825

This resource lists people of influence in England, Scotland, Ireland and the Colonies in 1825. Contains directories for the Houses of Parliament, Officers of the State, Law, Revenue, Army and Navy, Peerage, Baronetage, Universities, and Commercial.

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