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Genealogy has never been so popular, helped by the growing number of television programs exploring the subject, like the BBC's "Who Do You Think You Are?", people are taking an ever-increasing interest in their family history.

It has also never been easier to research your Family History as the amount of records available online and CD increases.

This site contains magazine reviews and articles published by a range of family history magazines, updated regularly, so be sure to visit frequently to find the latest genealogical news and events.

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Compare the Market

Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine reviewed the top websites for online research, and TheGenealogist has come out on top

Unearth Tithe Maps Treasure

The National Archives has teamed up with TheGenealogist to put its collection of tithe maps and apportionments online. Alan Crosby explains what these fantastic resources can reveal...

New All-in-One Search Tool

TheGenealogist's innovative smarter, context aware All-in-One search tool scans entire collections of records in one go to return specific results about your ancestors. See your family tree quickly take shape with this exciting new development in the w

How to get started with TreeView

TreeView is a program for Mac and Windows that integrates with TheGenealogist's archives and online tree builder to give you easy access to its records and provide you with a place to store your tree online.

Get to grips with Graves

Tracking down your family history isn't always about combing through documents and official records. Gravestones can be a major source of information, often linking several generations of a family, and finding them is of course a good excuse to get out an

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The Soldier, the Priest and the Count

Nick Thorne looks at one family with three leaders of men – a brave soldier, a Catholic priest who risked capture by the enemy and a one-time prime minister of a European state

More than 260,000 Poll Book Records go Online

TheGenealogist has just released over 260,000 records into its ever growing Poll Book Record Collection.

A Stained Character?

Nick Thorne roots out the hidden past of an expert on stained glass windows

New Online Records to help Find your Australian Cousins

TheGenealogist has added to its Australian records a set of new resources which can be used to find ancestors who lived in this country in the past.


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