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New All-in-One Search Tool has launched a brand new All-in-One search feature, which allows users to do a ‘single search’ across the website and to access all the main records on an ancestor at once. For the first time, you can enter an ancestor’s name along with an approximate year of birth and the option of keywords to trace an ancestor’s life through the records, from birth to census, marriage and more specialist records too.

To emphasise the power and accuracy of the website, we’ve chosen a chap named Benjamin Freke, shown on the far left of the historic photograph, who could have been very difficult to track down otherwise. So how will the All-in-One search help us find more about him? The new ‘all-in-one’ interface incorporates the master search and the unique and powerful ‘keyword’ search and is the first time these two features have been brought together to aid research.

Accurate, reliable & fast

Follow our three simple steps (below) to see how in a manner of minutes we were able to map out the life of Benjamin Freke from his birth record, his marriage to Gertrude in 1910 and his earlier marriage to Matilda, through the five census years in which he is listed, up to the 1911 census when his sons Frank and Albert, are part of his family in 27 Bell Hill Road, Bristol.

With just a few clues, we have traced a major part of Benjamin Freke’s life speedily and effectively. Discover how TheGenealogist produces fast and relevant results for your ancestor search, and has the flexibility to produce information on a number of different generations saving an enormous amount of time. As the website does a lot of the work for you, the chances of errors and wasted effort are significantly reduced.

Mark Bayley, head of the Online Division at TheGenealogist, says this search facility is an exciting new development in the world of online research: "Customers will get a much deeper insight into their ancestors in a fraction of the time. They’ll be able to find all the records we have for a relative almost instantly with a single linked master search. This is a unique, powerful tool. TheGenealogist is all about user-friendly searches, over the widest range of data and this new feature further enhances what we offer."

TheGenealogist aims to make searches as useful as possible: the unique keyword searches can scan records more quickly and easily than ever with the new All-in-One search. With just basic information about your ancestors, TheGenealogist can narrow searches down to the specific and allow you the ability to generate successful, accurate results. Ideal for all professional and amateur family historians alike.

Step-by-step - Use our unique tools to find your ancestors

1. Powerful search options

First go to and login or register. Here is the easy-to-use screen to start your research. We estimate the photo of the Freke family was taken around 1905 (from the dress of the children in the photo), and estimate the birth date of Benjamin Freke at around 1870-1880. Typing in the forename and surname and an approximate year of birth into the user-friendly fields sets us on our way.

2. Concise, accurate results

The All-in-One search results include census listings (from the year he first appeared on a census record to the last available census records in 1911) and his birth result, in a single, convenient set of results that map out his life over 40 years. The at-a-glance search results give you extensive detail, so you can easily confirm the most important results to search further.

This unique feature allows you to display instantly all the records for a particular ancestor, while using the keyword feature to home in on the most relevant results. We can then follow Benjamin from his birth record in 1870 through the subsequent records that follow for his lifetime.

Also, with the powerful phonetic search option, we can ensure name variations do not thwart your search! In this case, the variations in the spellings of people’s names such as Freke, Freeke and Freak have all been picked up on the one search making it a highly valuable tool.

3. Expand the search

The 1911 census shows that Benjamin and Gertrude have only been married for one year, but, with just one extra click from his 1911 Census record, we can find their marriage records. From here we can follow the ‘expand the search’ link to look for other marriages for Benjamin, as the 1901 Census return shows a wife named Matilda.

To find out more about Benjamin’s sons we can use their age from the 1911 to search for their birth. Interestingly Frank’s birth was registered as Benjamin Frank Freke (knowing his full name will help to make future searches on his life more successful).

Try out the new All-in-One search with a free trial. Go to to get started and find out further details.

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