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Subscription site has released the first part of the Lloyd George 'Domesday Survey', which can help family historians find where an ancestor lived in England and Wales in 1910.

Researchers often cannot find where ancestors lived due to road name changes, or destruction caused by wartime bombing or later development. However, the unique combination of maps and residential data, held by The National Archives (TNA) and now becoming available at TheGenealogist, can precisely locate an ancestor's house on large scale (5ft to the mile) hand-annotated OS maps of London that plot the exact properly in 1910. Accompanying field books provide further information, such as valuation, map reference, owner, occupier, situation, description and extent.

The project features more than 94,500 field books and the first release covers the City of London and Paddington IR121 maps with their IR91 index records. Future releases will expand across the country. Mark Bayley, head of development at TheGenealogist, said: 'The maps show an incredible amount of detail, allowing you to zoom right in on the hand annotated property. The records that go with these maps are just as detailed, allowing you to find out all manner of information about your ancestral home.'

A spokesperson for The National Archives added: 'The Lloyd George “Domesday Records” form essentially a census of property for Edwardian England and Wales. The innovative linking of individually searchable property data with associated Ordnance Survey maps will be of huge value to family and local historians alike.'

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An IR91 index book

An IR91 index book from the collection

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