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Kelly's Directories, Army Lists, and Baronets

Kelly's Directory: London 1856

This Kelly's Post Office Directory features a street directory, commercial and professional directory, trades directory, law directory, court directory, and parliamentary directory for early VIctorian-era London. This 2,700 page CD, with enhanced images of the original documents plus searchable text, also includes a city directory (including the common council, clergymen and dissenting ministers), an official directory (listing Officers of State, Her Majesty's household, Privy Council, government and other public officers). The CD is bookmarked by major heading and fully printable. Use it for: Help tracing your ancestors in the capital.

Hart's Annual Army List 1908

If your ancestor was an officer in the military in 1908 then you may well find their name on this set of fully printable regimental lists of officers, including cavalry, artillery, Royal Engineers, infantry and more - plus officers in other departments such as army ordnance, medical services, Chaplain's department, and more. It also includes Royal Marine Forces, Indian Army, Militia, Imperial Yeomanry of Great Britain, the Royal Company of Archers, and reserve and retired officers, together with sections on military knights, decorations, resignations, and deaths. Use it for: A fantastic resource for finding out more about your Edwardian military family history.

Roll of the Baronets 1929

This CD contains a list of the baronets of England, Scotland and Ireland, both past and present. You'll find lists of extinct baronetcies and baronetcies without succession, together with tables of precedence. The CD includes lists of Officers of Arms, those appointed by the sovereign with authority to control and initiate heraldic matters, such as coats of arms. There are also the decrees and warrants of King James I, Edward VII, and George V that establish the role of the baronet and the rules regarding the title's use and misuse. Use it for: An excellent history of baronetcies and a great resource if you have a baronet in your family tree.

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