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‘From the Old to the New World’

‘From the Old to the New World’ shows German emigrants boarding a steamer in Hamburg, Germany, to come to America, 1874

TheGenealogist has added over 5 Million passenger records to its US records, featuring people who migrated to the USA between 1834 to 1900.

The mass movement of people from one country to another isn’t a new thing. The motivation can be economic, political upheaval or religious persecution. The data covers:

  • 3,956,780 German passengers who arrived in the United States between 1850 and 1897
  • 836,122 Italians immigrating into the USA between 1855 - 1900
  • 522,638 Russians who emigrated to America from 1834 to 1897

Most were drawn to the USA by the attractions of land and religious freedom, after being forced to leave Europe by shortages of land and religious or political oppression.

This release joins the millions of US census, death records, trade directories, wills and poll books already available on TheGenealogist.

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