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Search the 1911 Census

Find your ancestors using high-resolution scans on TheGenealogist

Subscribers to The Genealogist are in for a New Year treat, as the site nears completion of its 1911 Census data. This most recent available UK census is crucial for linking your family tree in the early 20th century, and the records site offers facilities and image quality unavailable on other websites. With high-resolution page images, transcripts and intuitive search options, TheGenealogist is now the premier place to search this historic population study.

The 1911 forms provide more detail than any previous census. As well as the crucial data needed for genealogists such as names, ages, places of birth, occupations and heads of households, there is also important information on the number of children born and how many years a couple had been married. Not only this but the household schedules were filled in by the head of each household, meaning you can see the actual handwriting of your ancestors.

Search the secrets

The records have been integrated into TheGenealogist's existing search tools, so you can access the transcripts using the unbeatable variety of searches available on the site. You can use the site's Classic Master Search, which will show you how many records for a particular name are available, and then use further search options to delve deeper and accurately find your ancestors. With the added information available on the 1911 forms you can really take advantage of the excellent House and Street search Keyword Master Search and Family Forename Search.

“The quality of the high resolution images on TheGenealogist shows the finer details more clearly, right down to the householders' draft pencil markings”

What makes the 1911 collection on TheGenealogist different is the new high-resolution colour images of the transcripts. The quality of the images available is the very best you will find anywhere on the internet, as they are twice the resolution of the images available on other sites. For example, an image picked at random from TheGenealogist WAS 6,376 pixels wide by 1,872 high – half the resolution. There are visibly fewer artefacts on the images from TheGenealogist due to the compression ratio and techniques used. This means that you can see the details on the images more clearly, and also distinguish words that may be illegible on less clear images.

Another incredible feature exclusive to TheGenealogist is the Marriage Finder tool. Now whenever you find a forebear on the census an icon will appear that takes you straight to that person's marriage index entry, sending you down another research avenue.

With 24 countries live as of November 2011 and completion due early in 2012, backed up by millions of other genealogical records, now's the time to begin your family history search on TheGenealogist.

Top Three: Search Options

Find your ancestors more easily with a variety of powerful tools.

Family Forename Search

This great tool enable you to search for a family by using a combination of up too six forenames. No other site allows such flexibility! You can refine the results by adding or subtracting a surname, relation to head, and year of birth. This is the best way of searching to make sure you get the correct family.

Keyword Master Search

This one-of-a-kind tool allows you to search across all transcribed records from censuses and BMD's, to wills, electoral registers and military records. You can search with as much or as little information as you have, from name, age, year of birth, relation to head (census), occupation, address or birth place and more, so you can refine right down to the person you are after. The 1911 Marriage Finder Tool is another great innovation on the site.

House & Street Search

Another advantage of the full transcriptions on TheGenealogist is that you can find the entry for a street address without having to know who lives there. Using the House & Street Search, you can select a census year and county and view a printable transcript for each recorded household. This is a great way to find people living in the same house who may have changed names.

Find marriages with ease

The Marriage Finder takes you straight to your ancestors' nuptials

With a fantastic new feature on you can now go beyond the 1911 Census and find your ancestors' marriages with one click of the mouse.

The incredible Marriage Finder toll uses the extra detail given in the 1911Census, which shows how long a couple had been married. The incredible tool then automatically links to relevant marriage transcripts on, showing your ancestors' marriage details in the GRO records.

The Spouse's name wasn't recorded in the indexes prior to 1912, but the site's SmartSearch technology shows you relevant partners based on a variety of details.

Once you've made a search of the census, you can see the Marriage Finder icon in the Family View or Household View, next to the View Original Image icon. The links under 'Marriage Status' and 'Years Married' will also activate the Marriage Finder tool, and take you straight through to your ancestor's marriage record.

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