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RootsMagic UK Version 7

The popular RootsMagic genealogy software program authored by Bruce Buzbee has been released for the UK market in its seventh incarnation by S&N Genealogy Supplies, boasting a host of user-friendly new features and improvements. Current users will already be familiar with the facilities to create wall-charts, reports and even family history websites, publish their own books, make shareable CDs and carry their family history research everywhere (such as libraries and archives) using RootsMagic To-Go.

This intuitive software's new features include DataClean – a tool enabling you to 'clean up' names and places in your database – and File Compare, which allows you to see differences in your databases and copy data between them (useful when synching online trees). Importantly, you can backup and restore  media items within your database (good as an emergency backup or when transporting your research your research to another computer); quickly edit which groups an ancestor belongs to, and drag and drop media items into your albums and import lists (such as sources) from another database. Improvements to MyRootsMagic mean you can easily publish and maintain multiple online trees.

The UK version has a British English spell-check and the boxed edition comes with UK data CDs. It also includes a three-month subscription to, quick guides and a video tutorial. This is another great upgrade to a leading genealogy brand.

Prices from £19.95 (basic edition download) to £49.95 (boxed Platinum edition on CD). Available from

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